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In 2019 Humboldt Seed Company teamed up with the Yurok Tribe, through it's wholly owned Yurok Agricultural Corporation, to produce high quality, high terpene, CBD rich feminized hemp seed. 

The Yurok Tribe and Humboldt Seed Company are neighbors in the unique region of Northern California called Humboldt County, also known as the Emerald Triangle. 

The Yurok People and Humboldt Seed Company are not new partners, rather both have worked together for many years in efforts to preserve the natural resources of the region and in particular the Klamath River, which flows through the Yurok homeland. 

Seed that is produced through the partnership are produced with the utmost care for the natural environment and the Yurok way of life. Tribal people will be employed and organic methods will be utilized along with stringent water conservation techniques. 

When you buy Yurok x Humboldt Seed you can be proud of what you are supporting and trust that you are planting genetics from responsible organizations. 

Yurok Country

Yurok Country is a diverse and beautiful area surrounding the mighty Redwood Forests in Northern California. 



This year many farmers across the U.S. will be growing hemp with inferior seeds due to the general lack of availability of high CBD producing feminized hemp seed that will stay below the federal limit of .3% THC. Many of these farmers will realize that the higher price of quality feminized hemp seed with certificates of analysis (COAs) is worth paying when compared to losing whole crops to THC percentage overages and mixed male/female seeded crops. 

The science of cannabinoid analysis is relatively new to most laboratories. We have noticed that many seed producers are making unlikely claims pertaining to CBD production and labs have been known to produce higher CBD results to get more business. What really matters is how much CBD and Terpenes your plants actually produce when they are tested by regulators, and of course during extraction.  

High Quality Feminized Hemp Seed Produces High Quality Plants That Maximize Profit Per Acre

High Quality Feminized Hemp Seed Produces High Quality Plants That Maximize Profit Per Acre 



Compliance Experience

Commitment of Excellence

Commitment of Excellence

Fortunately we are located in a region that has a plethora of labs with a long history with cannabinoid analysis and we understand the rigorous testing that your farm may be subjected to.  


Commitment of Excellence

Commitment of Excellence

Commitment of Excellence

We are committed to providing real COA’s for our seeds parental lineages, germination rates and realistic predictions of your harvest levels and cannabinoid production in your regions.  


Maximum Return per Acre

Commitment of Excellence

Maximum Return per Acre

We are dedicated to helping you maximize your revenue per acre by producing high quality, high terpene, CBD rich feminized hemp seed that will far exceed your crop expectations.

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Yurok Agricultural Corporation

The Yurok Agricultural Corporation is a Tribal entity that is organized, chartered and wholly owned by the Yurok Tribe. The YAC was created to develop agricultural economic resources in an orderly manner and to maximize revenue derived from such resources on behalf of the Tribe and its members. 


Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company has been producing cannabis seeds in Humboldt County, California for 20 years. We have been producing CBD hemp varietals for 4 years. We are one of the largest cannabis seed companies in the United States, if not globally and our reputation for quality and customer care proceeds us.   


Our seeds are grown in a good way

 Our purpose is to provide opportunities for investing resources in future enterprises that is culturally appropriate, environmentally sustainable, economically viable, technologically efficient, financially profitable, and consistent with the self governance objectives of the Tribe 

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